Jun 9, 2011

Sleeping Little Tabby Cat

Little Tabby sleeps, from a tiny kitten, to best friends to adult, Little Tabby has been with us a long time
Little Tabby got his name because he was smaller than the other kittens. We have a long history going back to Little Tabby's days as a very tiny kitten left to fend for himself a bit young, along with his all-white brother. Recently, I happened to see him asleep near a log and snapped this pocked camera picture.

About a year ago I wrote an update about Little Tabby today - in that post, you can follow the story of Little Tabby from kittenhood through tough times, to today. To get the whole story of little tabby, go to the post Little Tabby Today and look at the other blog posts linked there.

We love our Little Tabby.

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