Jun 16, 2011

Time For A Rest

It's been a long day of exploring, walking around smelling stuff, visiting with other kitties, looking at things... it feels like it is time for a nap. There is a time and a place for everything in the world. There is a time to observe. There is a time to participate. There is a time to try new things. And there is a time to rest.

Coppertop the friendly feral has had a long and busy day and now it is late afternoon. This is nap time, at least for a brief moment or two. After all, "now" is the only time we really have - when you think about it. And we don't need a fancy place, either.
 A warm car roof will do quite nicely, thank you. Just a little break, before we go explore once again. ...Sleep well, Coppertop.

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