Aug 19, 2011

How about Florida the Tortie?

rescue kitten Florida, a tortie with her sister Georgia are adoptable
As you know, we have sister torties available for adoption (born April 6) that we've been calling Georgia - from "Curious George" and because we hadn't come up with a name for her sister, Non-Georgia. Bob suggested calling Non-Georgia, Florida.  So at least tentatively, this is is dear Florida. She loves people, by the way. And if you adopt her you can give her any name you want.


  1. Florida is a lovely name. I wish I lived closer and could bring her to live in lovely Virginia. I will keep my fingers crossed that she gets adopted.

  2. My tortie Ruby was feral. She brought her last litter to my house. Lizzie, Tizzie, Mimi are torties, Kita is black. All female and spayed! Ruby is spayed also.


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