Oct 24, 2011

Little Siamese and Hipstamatic

Well, we call the little brown tabby "Hipstamatic" but she got that name by accident. A while back, I posted a picture of her using the iphone Hipstamatic camera app: It shoots pictures with a very retro, old film look. I posted it to Flickr with a title like "Cat, Hipstamatic" - and it became her name because that's what people thought I was saying. It's cute, anyway.  The little Siamese doesn't have a name but he's the brother of the one and only adoption we've had lately.

I did some trapping at a trailer park for United Paws, and that went pretty well. We've lost some cats here, though, and that has made it difficult for me to post. I get to feeling down and it's hard to write. I'll work on it.

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