Feb 23, 2012

Cat And Wheelbarrow

tabby cat Widget on Wheelbarrow
Posing majestically on the handle of a wheelbarrow, it's Widget the tabby cat - all curious about what I'm up to.

Widget was rescued as a tiny feral kitten by my daughter, and later adopted by Bob. He was an indoor cat most of his life but learned to open the door and escape so now he visits his feral friends regularly. I know I'm rehashing for those who've read about Widget before, but we have new readers, too!

Well, we're starting to get near the end of February already - and February is Feral Cat Rescue Project month for the artists of Etsy for Animals. They've already helped us with some extra vet care, so we're very happy. And frankly, a handmade, original work of art beats some mass-produced corporate stuff any day ...so take advatange! Go see... Etsy for Animals' special items.

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