Mar 27, 2012

Blue Eyes Feral Cat

blue eyed feral cat
From my Instagram photo stream, this feral cat, with its beautiful blue eyes, is looking for a handout. I oblige.

I often think that there are so many kitties like this, that COULD have been wonderful pets ... that could have graced a sofa ... could have given and received love. If only there were enough loving homes to go around.

Alas, the world doesn't have enough love for kitty. It makes me sad.


  1. Those are awesome blue eyes... and the pink nose really offsets them too. Sending some love to kitty !

  2. I assume you are his caretaker?
    I also care for a is sad, but they can have a prety good life in a managed colony. They may never be a "pet" but they grow fond of their food givers.

  3. God bless you for taking care of these sweet kitties. Your love might be the only love they will ever know.
    This blue eyed kitty is absolutely beautiful.


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