Apr 24, 2012

Fran Not Feral Cat

Fran the Siamese, not a feral cat but almost a pet
Fran is one of those cats that were rescued a few years ago when they were very sick kittens. Mort is another one from that time who survived.  We can't call her a feral cat! Back then, they were both quite adoptable but nobody claimed them. I'm not really sure how adoptable Fran is, at this point, but she's used to living among the ferals now so I guess it doesn't matter that much. I just wish she had found a home when she was little.

Fran, as a kitten, kind of self-rescued; when she was severely ill she sought out a person (me) to save her. It took a lot of antibiotics and some kitten milk, but Fran made it. We became very close as a result and while she isn't quite the pet that she used to be she still comes running to me when she sees me.

Back further in the blog, you can see Fran as a deathly-ill kitten, and what we were able to do for her. It isn't just me, though; the people who help cover the expenses of saving Fran and the others are the ones who really make it possible. I just sort of do the field work involved.

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