May 2, 2012

Lucy My Cat

Lucy the former feral, a pet, intelligent and loving
This is a Hipstamatic photo of Lucy, my pet ... or more likely, I'm her pet. She was once a feral kitten, only 4 weeks old when her mother abandoned her. She was kind of sickly back then, too - but not anymore.

Once upon a time a four week old feral kitten, sickly with upper respiratory infections and parasites, was left by her mother so nature could take its course. But the feral kitten didn't want to die... she hung on, day after day, getting colder and weaker, yet calling out for rescue. By chance a human found her and took her home, giving her warm kitten milk and medicine. And the rest is history.

Lucy has a mind of her own and a long list of likes and dislikes, but I never wonder how she feels about me. She does her best to never leave my side.

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