May 21, 2012

Orange On Blue

Orange feral cat on blue background, in nature
A blue shelter bucket sets the background for this orange/ginger feral cat. I'm not sure which cat this is, actually; I just can't tell from this angle. Some of them are a little nondescript. :)  I'd probably, know, though, if I were looking head-on at this kitty. I DO know most of them quite well, I just forgot which one I photographed.

I have so many things to think about since the fire. I need to find someone to haul off the burned-out trailer, for one thing. I'm sure there must be someone who does that but I'm not sure who to contact. Then I'll need to find a small camp trailer for a replacement cat house. It can be pretty crappy since it's not intended for human habitation but I don't have any money so that's another issue.

Then there's that big spruce tree - it's huge, and it got burned in the fire, so it has to come down (without hitting my sister's house, etc.). That will be another delicate operation ...and I don't know, but it might be expensive, too. How I wish I could have caught the problem in time, before everything got burned. *sigh* ...Anyway....

By the way, the big tree that got burned - that's the tree that Spot got himself stuck in a while back. He spent a long cold night way up in there but was rescued the next day by Siamese Fran. I know the story is around here somewhere.It's worth reading again, I think.

Thank you all for your support during this tough time! It is much appreciated.

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