Jun 28, 2012

Dora's Tabby Brother

Silver Tabby Tom Cat, Dora The Explorer sibling
A rare sight; Dora the Explorer's feral brother. Unlike Dora, he's not people-friendly. Or at least, he's very timid when it comes to being around people. So we don't see him all that often.

Dora's brother has interesting markings:  a little like Star Cat in the face, but unique elsewhere. Dora's other brother is a dilute tabby and I don't think we've seen him on the blog either, but one of these days....

He's a pretty cat. Really, all three from this family are adorable and unusual. Dora is a fantastic cat and would make  great pet and her brothers are just plain beautiful.

I'll have calendar wallpaper ready for this weekend. I've already got the photo selected. :)

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