Jul 16, 2012

Cute Coppertop the Ginger Cat

Coppertop the Orange-Ginger tuxedo cat, always friendly
Coppertop is the friendly feral; an orange-ginger tuxedo cat, very pretty, very curious.  This photo is just after breakfast, I think.

She's a reliable companion when walking about the farm. Coppertop wants to be  a part of whatever is going on. Awhile back, because it had been dry for a few days, I decided it was a good time to get down on my belly in the grass, to get eye-level with the cats. I wanted to get some good photos for the 2013 calendar (one always needs to think ahead).  But Coppertop was right there, nose to nose with me, trying to get in every shot. She's such a sweet little clown.

Now we're going through a rainy period again... it sucks but I guess I'd rather have that than the big heat wave that some other places are having. Either way, Coppertop will always be there, wanting to know what I'm doing.


  1. It's been cloudy here too. I wonder where summer is, but am glad we are not experiencing the excessive heat of elsewhere in the country.


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