Aug 27, 2012

Hammie Wash

Hammie the bobtail orange cat, bathing
Our miniature bobcat Hammie, enjoying an after-brunch bath. Hammie is friendly to a sufficient degree to be all over this blog. You'll find many Hamster "Hammie" Cat pictures. He's a little nervous and shy around strangers but but for me he'll pose with ease.

Hammie was abandoned when he was about 4 weeks old. I rescued him and bottle-fed him. One interesting side effect of all that is that he likes having a "binky" of some kind when I pet him. Typically he'll find a convenient fold in my top and latch on to it. It's a comfort thing.

I tried to find him his own home back when he was a kitten in 2006, but you know how it is with finding homes - unfortunately. However, Hammie is contented to be here, and very used to his life at this point.

Hammie was raised with another abandoned bobtail kitten, Lucy - and she became my personal companion.

Oh! And hurray for 100 Google Friend Connect followers!  Number 100 happens to be Thimble Sparrow Designs  ..thank you, to Etsy artist Linday of TSD and to all our extended cat family. :)   Write to me, Linday, I should send you something for being # 100! :)

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