Aug 16, 2012

Squeaky Cat, Old Chair

Squeaky, the adoptable tuxedo cat, perched on a very old chair in the sun
All I had with me was my little compact camera in my pocket but I couldn't resist the opportunity to capture this photo of Squeaky the Cat perched on an old chair. There's just something about it....

I've always used the term "tuxedo cat" to describe this pattern. As far as I know, the first one in this colony was the late, great Shemp. They're really Bicolor cats, a group which includes the ones I call "cow cats" like Lucy (really the "Cap & Saddle" variety of bicolor) as well as tuxedos and almost-white cats with black tails, which is called the Van pattern..  Cat breeders are really into this stuff. I'm just a caretaker of feral cats.

Tuxedo cats have been called, at one time or another, "Jellicle" cats. The name comes from T.S. Elliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats: The Song of the Jellicles."

Anyway, Squeaky is a talker - that's how she got her name. Supposedly tuxedo cats in general are more talkative than most kitties, though not as much as Siamese. Our Squeaky has a strong, independent personality. She is "tame" and likes people, but you can't just pick her up. Everything must be on her terms.

We were trying to find her a home when she was a baby but now she's just here with us.

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