Sep 13, 2012


cat faces
Faces... I do see a lot of them every day, and sometimes they all start to become a blur. I care about each one, though. It's just that there are days when I forget who is who, at least for a moment or two.

Thanks to some help from Etsy for Animals,(see their stuff) and one extra-generous reader, I have a new trap/transfer cage that will help a lot. I hope that was an okay purchase; I needed this one. It's a drop trap but fairly sophisticated with a separate transfer cage that attaches to it. Like this...

I have regular inexpensive one-door live traps but they just catch whoever happens to wander into them - this trap is more for catching specific cats, which is what I need, working with a large colony.

It's already producing results but I will show you those, later. Thank you, Etsy Artists Helping Animals and Donna.

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