Dec 13, 2012

Anonymous Orange Camo Cat

orange camo cat, anonymous
Anonymous orange camo cat.  I think that's his new name, since I just noticed how well his scraggly orange-ginger coat blends with the dead leaves and such. It's camouflage!

Most of our orange/ginger ferals have some white, too. They're tuxedo cats, really. Not this guy. He's going for maximum invisibility. His winter coat just adds to the effect.

I don't name the ferals as often as I used to; it just makes it even harder when we lose them. However, this guy earned his name. Anonymous no longer; he's Orange Camo.


  1. meowloz orange camo !!! thatz an awesum name yur mom gived ewe...nice ta meet cha...ewe due a grate job blendin in with de sunshine :) yur coat's thick....gettin reddy for winter huh...hay, hope ewe N yur familee haza grate afternoon !!!


  2. Hey Mr. Orange Camo, I'm orange too, but not as fluffy as you. You are one handsome dude though. I hope you stay around a long time.


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