Jan 27, 2013

Siamese Cat in Black and White

Siamese Feral in Black and White
I had some black and white film I needed to use up, and this beautiful Siamese-type feral kitty just happened to be there. It's a great pose! This cat has very strong markings and a medium length coat. You might even call it long-hair, I don't know; some of that is just winter coat, I think.

A moment later, it sprinted away....
Such a pretty kitty. If only it were tame. But, that's life I guess. There are a million pretty kitties out there without homes. It's sad so I try not to think about it.


  1. That sure is a beautiful kitty. Yes, there are so many cats out there without homes, but we are thankful that you are making a difference in your world!

  2. another grate pick sure chriss... N ya gotta noe, de kittehs iz bee ond happee ya iz doin for them de best ya can...trooly....honest lee...hope everee one haza grate monday


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