Mar 18, 2013

Pretty, Curious, Tortie Girl

Pretty Tortie Girl
Bright and curious, Pretty Tortie Girl looks at the camera with eyes that betray her intelligence. It's what makes her a star among feral cats.

In a way, she's almost a pet even though she's completely feral. This too, is due to her exceptional mind. Instead of just being fearful, her desire to know about the world has led her to sneak quietly into my sister's house to explore. She also follows me around the yard to see what I'll do next.

What a wonderful pet she would have made!

1 comment:

  1. hello gorgeous !! ewe R a veree pretty gal, for sure...wink...wink...


    N never let on just how smart ewe trooly N reely R...thatz what gives all oh uz kittehs de advantage over peepul...



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