Mar 26, 2013

Relaxed But Alert Mort

harlequin cow cat Mort
Enjoying a little sun while still keeping an eye on things, it's rescue kitty Mort, the wannabe pet. I think he's just watching another cat in this case but Mort likes to keep an eye on the world in general. I also think he's over-curious sometimes and wanders much too far from home.

Of the sick kittens I rescued in 2009, Mort is pretty much the only one left. He really wants to be a pet, too, although at this point it's hard to imagine relocating him - he's so used to the area he grew up in. Back then, he was a very sick kitten. He survived only with medical intervention, 24 hour care and lots of love. He seems pretty healthy, now!

I only think about him still finding a home sometimes because this area is not completely safe. Mostly I worry about coyotes. Thankfully Mort is still with us but many of his friends haven't been so fortunate. I keep trying to find  way to make things safer but some of it is just beyond me.

Anyway, Mort seldom misses an opportunity to get petted. Although he's somewhat timid at times, he's a very friendly boy by nature. We love Mort.

1 comment:

  1. mort...ewe iz one kewl dood...

    we look enuff a like ta bee cuzins !!!

    N de crazed coyote is everee wear late lee...they haz even mewved inta de city wear we lives...peepulz walkin small dawgs iz told ta carry whistles N blow on em if they spots one....

    hope everee one out yur way stays safe; enjoy yur twozday

    boomer N crew =^..^=


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