Apr 24, 2013

Little Tabby is His Name

Little Tabby got his name because he's so much smaller than other cats his age. While I admit that he is no longer as tiny as he was when he got that name, he still stands out as a cat who looks more like a half-grown kitten.

He's also very quiet and non-aggressive, so I have to make an extra effort to make sure he gets an adequate amount of food. If I don't keep an eye on things, other cats just take his food away. And he lets them.

1 comment:

  1. meowloz LT !!! veree nice ta meet ewe.... yur coat iz rockin dood...yur eye stripez iz awesum...N next feedin time...just roar like a lion...that'll get everee one outta yur way sew ewe can get ta de foodz dish ...enjoy de day everee one :)


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