May 21, 2013

King Of The Ruins

A feral tabby cat holds up a rusting scepter ... a toy, perhaps, or just an item of curiosity. Then he looks at me with a look that says "this is MY home and my domain. I am king, here."

It's hard to see that he's holding up something (photo right) but he is. Such an interesting pose. He continued to roll around and play with the debris for a while.

This is all the remnants of the "cat trailer" - the old rv we used to use for cat rehabilitation. You may recall it was destroyed in a fire on May 11 last year. The story is here. We wanted to replace that trailer but could never afford to do so, sadly. I guess the cats are at least putting the leftover junk to some good use.

Something about his expression (almost arrogant?) reminds me of the pro wrestler Triple-H. Probably because Bob was watching wrestling last night. Anyway, perhaps I will call this kitty HHH ....just because. AKA, The King Of Ruins.

I noticed Flickr changed completely yesterday, so I hope that photos linked to there still actually work! It's always something, isn't it? I wish they'd leave things alone when they work right. Anyway, if you happen to use Flickr, bear in mind that I would really appreciate more comments and favorites over there. It's just a way to expose the kitties to more people.

Speaking of my flickr photos, and just to make-up for the stress (what with the discussion of the fire and such), here's a picture of a flower I took yesterday....
Rhodies Are In


  1. veree nice ta meet ewe HHH...aka KING !!!! we loves yur expression, ya got catitood !!! we wuz knot on blogger last yeer N just now red yur storee bout de fire N we bee trooly sorree ya loozed yur shelter....we iz WAY happee tho everee one made it out safe & unharmed & chriss....AWESUM job on de flowerz pick sure....we due knot have a flicker account and when we click on de pick sure we get a "connecting" message but thatz it ???


  2. Thank you ...I don't know about the "connecting" thing. Maybe Flickr was just down for a minute or something? It should open in a new tab or window, unless you have that blocked.


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