Jul 25, 2013

Spotsy On Patrol

Spot the cow cat, little but adventurous, always on patrol
Spot is on patrol, keeping an eye on things and generally enjoying the nice weather we've been having. Although Spotty is a little boy - always smaller than average - he still manages to fit in somehow.

I remember when I found Spot as a tiny abandoned kitten. He was so sad and alone. His kitten picture graces the "Top 10 Cat Names" page, and you can see it on the sidebar! Back then he was all whiskers and not much cat.... I tried to find him a home with no luck, but instead he grew up here - and grew into a gentle and sweet kitty.

Spot is the NUMBER ONE friend of rescued kittens. When lone feral kittens arrive here, Spot is the one who will bathe them, curl up with them, and give them a play partner as they grow. You couldn't ask for a better kitten babysitter. That's just one of the many reasons why we love Spotty.

1 comment:

  1. dood...veree nice ta meet ewe N we bee glad ya dee sided ta hang around...otherwise...we wood never haz met N bee come friends !!!

    N a total lee pawsum awesum way kewl thing ewe iz doin, helpin de wee kittehs that arrive.. feel safe N loved !!!

    rock on buddy :) hope everee one ther haza grate week oh end ~~~~


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