Jul 17, 2013

Tabby In Contemplation of Wild Wheat

Star Cat the tabby contemplates wild wheat
A pretty tabby, some wild wheat, and a moment of contemplation. Perhaps our kitty sees beauty in the blades.... perhaps he spotted a bug. I don't know what this kitty is thinking about - I hardly ever know. Cats are mysterious, sometimes.

This is Star Cat, who is indeed a cat star, at least on this blog. I wrote recently about his unfortunate bout with idiopathic  Vestibular Disorder. It's an inner ear inflammation that makes cats walk strangely and with difficulty, and they fall down a lot. Nobody knows what causes it. All these years working with feral cats and I didn't see one case if this mystery illness, but this year we've had two! The notes say it's most common in July and August in the northeast, suggesting something seasonal. I don't know, I live in the northwest and these cases started in late June. Still, there must be something to it.

In any case, Star Cat is much better now, although he has some residual head tilting - generally he seems to be getting around much better. Most cats get better in about three weeks, I've read, although some have some symptoms that last longer, like Star Cat.  He seems happy again, though, and that's the main thing.

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  1. star....dood...good ta see ewe again ! N we noe what cha iz thinkin...grate eye dea if we may say sew ;) we wont tell R mom either coz then her canna tell chriss


    mor blessings oh St Francis two ewe and yur room mate that de crazed
    vestibular goes A WAY.... & stays A WAY...glad ta heer ya iz doin better...hope ya both stay on de road ta ree coveree =^..^=

    meowloz ~~~


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