Sep 3, 2013

Hammie's Obsession

Hammie the bobtail cat - here I'm interrupting his apparent obsession with munching on wild wheat. Climbing up on something makes reaching the tips easier, I guess. ...I took this picture with my little pocket camera. It was about the same time as I snapped the photo that became the September Desktop Wallpaper (which you should definitely get!). So there wasn't much in the way of pre-planning involved, I just thought the pose was interesting.


  1. hammiee...tern ta de rite buddy....well, R rite, yur left... coz therz mor wild wheat rite ther !! chriss did a grate job gettin yur pick sure N half tails....her pocket camera werks reeely good !!! hope everee one haza ton oh toona twozday !!~~~

  2. My cats always want to eat grass here, but it's been dead all summer. Electra especially needs her grass. I finally got some bird seed, which grows quickly when watered so they could have some grass without me watering the lawn. He is gorgeous and looks so healthy!


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