Oct 27, 2013

Fluffy Orange Tux in the Woods

He is a very shy boy, for one reason or another: The grandson of Sick Boy prefers caution and stealth, although we see him sometimes at feedings, he's more likely to be found under deep cover.  We just call him Fluffy Orange.

I wish he would stay closer-in. We lost his grandfather and his father to coyotes, so there is good reason to worry about him. But for Fluffy Orange, woods and brush are his friends. And there is nothing I can do except hope for the best. He's a cute little (big) guy.

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1 comment:

  1. veree nice ta meet ewe fluff N we bee trooly sorre de nastee azz coyotes took yur dad N gram paw...
    we due knot blame ewe for stayin under cover...we wood two if we new they wuz 'round.....stay safe pleez !


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