Nov 4, 2013

One-Eyed Black

One-Eyed Black a dark semi feral barn cat
One-Eyed Black is a longtime staple of the feral colony and he's really almost tame. He comes from a whole family of one-eyed cats, which makes me think that there's something genetic going on.

This kitty greets me with a quivering tail, always excited at the possibility of  a meal. Even though he's not a pet, he's very used to people. That puts him into the classification I refer to as "Barn Cats:" somewhere between tame and full-on feral.

One-Eyed Black doesn't really seem to be affected much by his disability. I guess he might have a problem if he had to hunt to survive, but since I feed these kitties, that isn't really a problem for him. Overall I think he's a calm and happy guy.

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1 comment:

  1. way nice ta meet ewe dood...we gotta say ewe bee rockin kewl !!! glad ta heer dinner iz onlee az far as de bak yard at chriss' place......that bee total lee awesum oh her ta help ewe N de crew out....hope de weatherz aye oh kay out yur way, we hurd washington had sum crazed stuff goin on this week oh end !!


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