Nov 20, 2013

Our Tabby Tux Feral - Gray Bob

Gray tabby tux bobtail feral cat, Gray Bob
Gray Bob has been a fixture of the feral cat community to a long time. He's certainly no pet, but he's used to me and used to my sister. He's also the Cover Cat in one version of The Feral Life 2014 calendar.

Gray Bob is friendly enough that I would call  him a barn cat, although he was born feral. He comes right up to me during feeding times, and often stands on his hind legs to beg, which is unbelievably cute. Because I'm feeding, I never get to photograph this trick - but maybe someday....

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1 comment:

  1. meowloz two ewe GB !!! a happee ton oh toona thurzday ta ewe N de crew...wanted ta let ewe noe to sit up N beg two...N may bee mort can help chriss with gettin a pick sure oh ewe doin thiz !!! him iz prette smart that mort....heerz hopin everee one enjoys de week oh end...we noe itz knot fryday but we bee off line fora few !!! ~~~~ enjoy !!



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