Dec 18, 2013


Nan-ch'üan - Nansen, an orange bobtail tabby feral cat
Nan-ch'üan, which for the sake of avoiding confusion, we will pronounce as Nansen, is an orange reticulated bobtail tabby cat that has been a regular of our feral colonies for a long time. He is seldom-photographed, though, and never close-up. Mostly, he's just here for the food.

We have a few bobtails within the feral cat collection, and no two are quite the same. Nansen, for instance, has a little tail that twists back on itself, like it's tied-up. Others have different arrangements. Anyway, I think he's kind of cute.

If I don't see you between now and then, I want to wish all our feral family friends merry Christmas and happy holidays. Hope everyone stays safe and warm! 

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  1. veree nice ta meet ewe nansen !!! we think yur veree handsome N loves de pattern on yur coat !! N ta ewe chriss and de "crew"

    A Merry Trout Towne Christmas, anda Happy New Yeer two
    We wish ewe health, happee nezz, anda trout in everee shoo
    az we look bak upon thiz yeer, we hafta give sum THANX
    Yur friendship rockz, R loves two ewe, put fish in toy let tankz
    Heerz ta sea bass on yur plate, case goods at yur front door
    Rememburr…due knot eat… de burd, coz ewe’ll bee hurlin on de floor
    May ewe find salmon in yur dish, fresh flounder on yur walls
    A mackerull in everee pot, canz oh toona in all de hallz
    Hope ya open up de pantree, N find it filled with sole
    May yur lives bee blessed in everee way, peace out rock on N role

  2. Wishing you and your family and all the kitties a very wonderfur and Merry Christmas. Thank you, Chriss, for taking care of these beautiful kitties. People like you make a huge difference in this world. You have saved so many kitties with your kindness, love and generosity. May you be blessed in return and you will be.


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