Dec 4, 2013

TV Cat

Really, it is just a name. My daughter called him TV Cat because his coat made him look like a cat who should be in tv commercials. He's really very shy, though - and of course, feral.

How shy is TV Cat? Well, he never comes to feedings while I'm there. He's not the only one like that, but most of the feral cats come right up to  me when I have food. TV Cat is one of the ones that will watch from afar until I'm gone. That's why I have to remember to leave before all the food is gone.

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  1. veree nice two meet ewe TV cat N we think yur names prettee awesum...helps ya stand out...just like yur coat...a unique name iz better than just a regular ole name any kinda day...N trust bee oh kay ta trust chriss...trooly...kitteh promise...come up two de feed bowl sum time N say mew !!!

  2. He does look like a star. Love the orange against the bright green. Nice photo.


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