Jan 5, 2014

More Little Bunny Rabbit

Little Bunny Rabbit, a bobtail feral cat that loves to be petted
I used to call her the Smart Tortie. And she is! But things changed a bit after she started becoming tame. With much effort, she came to realize that people are really okay.... she's now at least as much of a pet as she is a feral cat. And remember, this is an adult feral cat that was born wild!  I wrote about her taming in a previous post.

She's a beautiful kitty, and I love the way her little puff of a tail quivers when she is petted. And petting is a high priority for her, now!

As I said in a previous post, it's  a small victory. But we'll take anything we can get.
Petting is the best thing, ever!


  1. How beautiful and how lovely that you can now get close and pet her. That's lovely

  2. bunny....pettz N scritches R de total lee best thing like ever...we iz happee ya final lee took ta chriss...her bee one awesum rockin mom....stix by her....oh kay !!


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