Jan 27, 2014

Star Cat Keeps Watch

Venerable, easy going Star Cat keeps watch as I work in the area. Although he's a feral cat, he's almost friendly. You may remember that poor Star had a bad bout of Vestibular Syndrome last spring, and the poor thing was falling over and unable to maintain his balance. We got through that and spent an additional three or four months with him walking around with his head tilted sideways at all times. It's something that can happen with this disease. However, he's finally all better. You can read about the Star Cat problems here - or follow his tag: Star Cat.

By the way Little Bunny Rabbit - formerly known as Super Smart Tortie - is still enjoying her pettings! She's the adult feral cat that became a pet. Here she is, leaning hard into my hand, purring her head off, with her little poof tail quivering with excitement:
Well, I guess you can't see her tail, but it definitely vibrates!

1 comment:

  1. star...ewe iz lookin good dood...better N good...ewe iz lookin GRATE !!!!! N bunny. we can heer ya purr kleer over heer in TT !!! hope everee one iz enjoyin de ton oh trout twoozday...N send a wee bit oh that sun and sum heet R way, we noe ya due knot haza heet wave,,,but anything above zee roe will help !!!



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