May 14, 2014

Old Tortie

This venerable old girl has been part of the feral colony for a long time. More than ten years, I think. She's seen many cats come and go but somehow she's always managed to hang on and be here with us. Old Tortie is shy and quiet - and these days she never moves fast. She mostly sits and watches.


  1. veree nice two see ewe OT......yur coloring total lee rocks....hope ewe N de crew haza soooper grate day; N ya noe what....we most lee like ta sit N watch stuff two......or snooze....sum times snooze while we sit..... til we fall over.... happee ton oh trout thurzday two all ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. What a lovely girl! I've always had a soft spot for torties.


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