May 22, 2014

Siamese Faced Feral Cat

Just a pocket camera photo of the feral colonies' one and only classic Siamese. I love her because she really stands out among a mix of orange, tabbies, black and white tuxedo cats, and a few Siamese-ish white cats; none of home have the classic dark mask. She has a near black socks and tail, too. Very pretty.

Every once in a while I take a stab at taming her. I've tamed adult ferals before, as you know, but it's a slow process and depends a lot on the cat. This girl is rather timid, so who knows?


  1. whoa !!! a veree awesum picture mom chriss; pocket cameraz ore knot...

    N meowloz two ewe Sia...ewe iz a gorgeous gurl ...thiz bee a grate picture mom chriss captured oh ewe....we think if ya got thiz close ta chriss her stands a prettee good chance at de taming chriss iz de food ladee sew her iz aye oh kay !!! ♥♥

  2. Thank you. I always appreciate your comments! :) I wish more people would comment, too. Yes, being the food lady helps.

  3. What a beautiful lady you got there! Good luck taming her, but she looks like a darling. I'm sure she'll come around in no time! - Maria


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