Jul 15, 2014

Resting but Alert

A pretty feral tabby cat is relaxing, sort of, but still feels the need to be on alert. Someone could be watching, you know. It could be that black cat ...One Eye, I think it is - but it's probably me. When you're a feral cat, you just can't be too careful.


  1. guys, its oh kay ta trust chriss coz her iza grate purrson...her watches out for de colony & her iz de one that brings foodz & water each day !!! N may bee ewe will get fee chured in her calendar in 2015 !!! sa wheet huh !!! happee twozday everee one ♥♥♥

  2. Oh my gosh, you do feral cats too. I have a bunch of them. I just wanted to thank you for the info about the stuff to treat Stomatitis. I had bunch of my feral cat diagnosed with stomatitis but they kind of grew out of it except for 4 or 5. I have has Mister for 13 years so he really isn't feral. But thanks so much for your suggestions. I sure can't put anything in his mouth now, it is so painful, but later on, I sure would like to try. Good to meet you. Feral cats do need to be careful.


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