Aug 25, 2014

Old Tortie's Bath, Interrupted

She was in the middle of a bath when I tried to sneak up on her. She wasn't having any of that! But I caught this pic of her with my pocket camera before she split...

OT is pretty old for a feral cat, and she doesn't worry about too much. She would prefer that people not get too close but other than that she takes it pretty easy.

She has life figured out. When are we going to do that?


1 comment:

  1. good afternoon two ewe OT !!!! hope all iz well with ewe N de crew;

    N yea, itz gonna take peepulz, ALL peepulz, a looooooong time ta figure out de stuff called life....

    uz catz haz all reddy figured life out .... N itz old mews !!!

    happee ton oh toona twoozday ta everee one ♥♥♥

    chriss captured another grate shot ☺☺


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