Sep 4, 2014

TV Cat and Friends

Post dinner nap time, it's TV Cat and some friends, relaxing for a bit while they have full bellies. It isn't always terrible to be a feral cat, at least if you have someone feeding you and looking after your basic needs. It isn't quite as good as being a pet, of course, but then again we should note that not all pets have that great of a life. Some are neglected.

Sometimes pets are loved but taken for granted. You spend time griping about the annoying things they do.  Then one day, they are gone.

Don't do that.


Sad news to report. Bob's cat Widget died suddenly about 5 AM this morning, of an apparent heart attack. Widgets was well-loved and spoiled. He was smart and affectionate and quite the talker. He had a good life...but much too short.

Bob is very very sad.  Widget will be greatly missed.

1 comment:

  1. TV cat....for sure...sum times a "roof" over yur head meenz nothin....chriss is veree rite on her take....

    and God's speed to you widget; with our sincerest sympathies to your dad Bob. You were indeed, very young ~~~~~
    purrayers from boomer, dai$y, tuna...and dude & sauce too



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