Dec 22, 2014

Nosy Tabby Cat and Friend

Nosy Tabby and Frankie Siamese
Nosy the Tabby Cat mugs for the camera, while his friend photobombs us. The friend, in this case, is the venerable Frankie. Cute faces... they're probably just wondering what I'm up to, and if I have food with me.

So now we're at the holiday season, and I want to thank the friends and family of the Feral Cat Blog for all your support and kindness. The kitties and I are so glad you stuck with us throughout the year. And I hope to see you again and throughout the coming year.

Happy holidays!


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  1. happee holly dayz guys anda nother grate foto....we stole a moe bill dee vize two day N it keeps shuttin diwn sew bee for it doez agin.....merry christmas everee one !!!!


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