Jan 14, 2015

Gizmo's Half-Nap Perch

Gizmo the tabby cat on a precarious perch for a nap
Gizmo has found a perch for a nap...sort of. This is the old stake rack on the farm truck. And he was sleeping, but then I interrupted him by taking a photo. He didn't mind too much, though. Gizmo is a friendly but very shy tabby cat. He likes me, at least, and after the photo was over, he went back to sleep. His perch does look rather precarious, though. However, he doesn't seem to mind that, either.


1 comment:

  1. dood !! good two see ewe again ~ hope yur day iza grate one N hope ewe bee dreemin bout a lake filled with mackerull....N when ya wake up ya see mackerull for DINNER !! meowloz two de crew anda grate day two all ♥♥♥


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