Jan 26, 2015

Old Torbie Tux Feral Cat

A very long-term member of our feral cat family, this old torbie/tux/ish kitty is pretty old for a feral cat; somewhere over ten years old, I'm not sure her exact age. She's seen it all. She's a rather quiet kitty now; she shows up for each meal time and then goes back into hiding, for the most part. Still, she has had a great life for a feral cat, thanks to you - our friends.

Her Close-up



  1. torbie....we could all hope ta look az gorgeous az ewe....yur an amazing girl, chriss taked an amazing foto ♥♥♥♥ heerz two a ton oh trout twooz day ~~~~~


  2. What a beautiful girl! My neighbors have a torbie that looks a little like her!


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