May 5, 2015

Old Tortie Cat Nap

old tortie cat nap
A senior citizen of the feral cat colonies, Old Tortie has always been pretty quiet and she mostly keeps to herself. Even at feeding times, she tends to hang back and wait for the leftovers... not that this is has limited her girth in any way. :)

In any case, she seems pretty contented with her life. She eats and sleeps and stays out of trouble. When you're a feral cat, what more could you ask for?



  1. OT....we sendz R veree veree best two de senior rezident...hope ewe N de crew oh youngsterz iz doin well; we loves thiz foto oh ewe....grate job ta mom chriss ~~ !!! heerz ta sun snoozin, chillaxin N manee happee yeerz a head ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  2. I haven't had a "Tortie" in many years. I do have 4 calicos. My oldest calico is "Lily" and she is 14 yrs. old and the "prettiest" of the four. "Angel" is about as old as Lily and has longer hair and has a personality to match her name! Then there is "Callie or Calliope" (longer haired) and "Little Girl" (short hair). Little Girl is the smallest of all the cats.


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