Jun 24, 2015

Pretty Tuxedo Tabby

Not the best picture, but a beautiful cat! He's kind of sort of hiding and I just happened to be there to snap this pic.

I've been kind of busy trying to fix some plumbing and other household issues (which I'm not very good at) so I haven't been out there taking pictures like I should. Sorry. I've got a meditation retreat this weekend and then some time next week maybe... MAYBE ...things will get back to more or less normal.


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  1. ~~~~~ waves...dood...how have ya been....nice two see ewe; hope life iz good two ewe N de crew....chriss getted an awesum fotoz of ewe...thatz for sure...stay safe N bee happee.....heerz ta all good things for everee one..... ♥♥♥

    Chriss: a safe trip and a fun time at the retreat.....best fishes with the household ...stuff.....it's never fun; I know !! ♥♥♥


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