Jul 7, 2015

TV Cat in The New Normal

TV Cat and the new normal of climate change
It is, perhaps the new normal around here: Warmer, and much drier. The ground looks like late August but I took this picture yesterday. It's just how it is, I guess. The cats manage as long as they get their service, which includes extra water. But of course, with it being so dry I now have to worry about things like the well running dry.... and forest fires. Sheesh.

But the kitties manage okay (for now) and that's the main thing. I'm not really complaining, just making an observation



  1. guys...nothing with de weatherz makes any kinda sense at all any mor....ewe knead rain & due knot have it, we due knot need it & it just keepz pouring....if we could find a hoze that waz like 98,033 miles long, we wood glad lee send ewe sum.....hope all iz well with de crew ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. It is strange. I was helping cut blackberries out in the sticks for some people and to prepare to go outside she had to don hat and sunglasses, joked "well, going out into the Oregon Sahara". The ground is dry and cracking open, pulling apart from the dryness. It's crazy.


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