Aug 24, 2015

Brown Tabby Gort

Gort the brown tabby cat
Yes, Gort is a weird name for a cat. It comes from the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still ..the original 1959 version, not the crappy remake. So when Gort was little, I thought she was a boy; she was bigger than other kitties her age and had a clumsy way of walking. It made me think of the robot, so that's why she got that name.

She's just relaxing in some afternoon sun..something we will be running out of before you know it! She's a very friendly girl, and acts as security patrol when she's not lounging around.


1 comment:

  1. gort...knot onlee R ewe a gorgeouz gurl, but we total lee lovez yur name!!
    de food serviss gurl haz thiz mewvie on dee vee dee...her lovez it....tell
    chriss forbidden planet iz a grate one two....may bee her could name sum
    one ....altair ....sum day! hugs two ewe N de crewXXXXX


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