Dec 14, 2015

When the Storm is Over...

A cat meet-and-greet, a welcome respite from the huge storms with their high winds and feet of rain. Many roads are still closed and water is everywhere, but a brief break that includes some sun is more than enough to bring everyone out for a little socializing, feral cat style.

We didn't get flooded out, here, but we were basically an island for awhile, unable to go anywhere and without electricity. We hope the break lasts because we're all looking a bit weary...



  1. I've been seeing photos of the coast, but not much makes the major news stations, about the coast. Pictures drift through of terrible road damage and cut off communities, like Oceanside. Glad you got your power back, at least. Heard more rain tomorrow and Thursday though, heavy rain.

  2. ~~~~~ waves two everee one N we hope all iz well.....we hurd bout de crazed rainz out yur way; we say rain iz good, but enuffz enuff ~~~ hope it haz stopped sew stuff can bak ta roo teen...heerz ta stayin safe & dry & keepin yur power; & while we R heer we wood like ta say Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, blessed 2016 to Chriss, family and de hole feral gang crew ♥♥♥


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