Nov 7, 2016

Coppertop Cat Random

Orange Ginger cat photographed with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile photography
Well this week we've had one dry day. One. So I snapped a couple of photos of whatever cat would stand still. In this case, it's the venerable Coppertop, the friendly feral.

I wanted to see what kind of results I might get using my new cameraphone, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It's waterproof, and I needed that. I can't really afford this stuff but it's on contract so....

Anyway, Coppertop came out looking great, I think. And below, she has a momentary issue with Hammie... except not really. He just startled her.

2 Orange Ginger cats photographed with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile photography

Let me know what you think of these photos!



  1. guys......we due knot noe much bout cameraz but chriss cap sured two grate fotoz !!! ~~~~~~~ waves two ewe both N heerz two lotz mor sunnee dayz a head.....oh, N we getted R calendar & itz awesum !!!

  2. Hi,
    I really like most of your pictures!
    Especially old type ( ? I don't know what I have to say tho ).
    I don't know about "digit world" but above of these picture is A okay.
    Below I really like the cat right side one. It's kodak moment !!
    Ginger tabby cat has big heart and calm I heard.
    Also my cat was so.


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