Oct 7, 2017

Peanut the Tabby Cat

Peanut investigates the roof, and peers down at the world. She will be in our 2018 calendar if I decide to publish it. I don't know because page views are down quite a bit so I expect there won't be much in the way of sales. At least, not enough to justify the work involved. But here she is....


  1. Hi, I'm expecting your photos because yours are incredible matching my preference and I love cats. I look forward new photos a lot !!

  2. She's beautiful. We have 18 cats - all spayed and neutered.

  3. wavez two ewe peanut frum de land oh trout; ewe R a gorgeouz gal.... itz veree nice ta meet ewe N we hope chriss does dee side ta print a 2018; we haz N joyed her calendars for a couple oh yeerz now ~~ hope ewe N de crew R doin soooper grate ♥♥♥♥♥


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