Jan 31, 2018

February Cat of the Month #Wallpaper - Muted Tortie

February doesn't get much more sun than January in this part of the world, but we lucked out one day. This muted tortie cat was kind enough to pose for us, so she is our Cat of the Month for February!

The above wallpaper is at a ratio for HD-type 16x9 screens. Click on the image for full size, and then right-click to save to your computer. For other ratios like MacBook and Surface (both 16x10) check out the varieties below. One of them will fit your computer! There's also a mobile version for your phone or tablet, although it lacks the calendar feature.

This is a new link system so if you have any problems please let me know... Spread the joy of cats around! Share this month and enjoy our beautiful kitties. Just remember the download link will expire before the end of the month - so don't miss out!

Thank you so much for sharing and supporting these beautiful feral cats. Because of you, good things happen.

I appreciate comments and questions so feel free to leave a comment! Say something nice if you can. :)



  1. Hi Chriss, The link wouldn't let me access the calendar in a different size. January had worked Feb doesn't.

    1. Well at this point, this was last year's February cat. The current one on the front page should be working fine, I think.


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