Nov 13, 2018

Why is he called Microwave Cat?

I mentioned back on the first that November’s Cat of the Month is called Microwave theses days and that the reason was complicated. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so here you go.

Back in the old days we had an old camp trailer that we used for a cat shelter. In 2011 we lost it to fire. I had hoped to replace it but that never panned out. I hit on the idea of finding old insulated appliances that could be turned into mini shelters. One such item was a broken microwave. The small tabby Tom we called Tiny immediately appropriated this one for himself. He not only camps inside it, but also sits on top to beg for food at feeding time.

Just as a verbal shortcut I started referring to him as Microwave Cat. And it stuck.

So that’s the story and the inside scoop.  Please consider getting our 2019 calendar. Every little bit helps.

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