May 1, 2022

May Cat of the Month calendar wallpaper - feral friend


Looking sullen but really just curious, this feral tabby cat keeps watch to see what is going to happen...

The calendar wallpaper above is in the 16x10 ratio, like you find on Macbooks, iMacs and MS Surface tablets, plus many others, but I have the wider HD 16x9 format (used by many "HD" laptops and monitors) in the link below, along with  4x3 "TV" ratio and TWO mobile versions: One for phones and another for tablets! One of them will fit your computer or mobile device, for sure. Here's the link:

For how to use, refer to this postThank you so for sharing and supporting these beautiful feral cats.  Because of you, good things happen. You make the difference.



  1. wavez two everee bee MAY all reddy :) tho de weatherz heer in trout towne make it seem like fall ...hope everee onez doin grate :) ♥♥

    1. Thank you. :) We had a nice day and now it seems like it is back to fall again here, too.


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