Nov 1, 2023

November 2023 Calendar Wallpaper, Don't Leave Me!


I'm sorry, don't leave me! I want you here beside me! ...From a song, but it was what came to mind when I saw the mood emanating from these feral cats as the day was ending and my camera happened to be at my side. It's true, we need our friends. We need to stick together. I've been seeing more echoes of friendships, won and lost, in my most recent photos, and I've printed a few. They have emotionally impacted me - and they may impact you as well. This couple just happens to be our Calendar Cats for November of 2023. But it all goes on and on, regardless, because that is how life really is...

Click the link for all aspect ratios, desktop and mobile. The calendar wallpaper above is in the 16x10 ratio, like you find on Macbooks, iMacs and MS Surface tablets, plus many others, but I have the wider HD 16x9 format (used by many "FHD" laptops and monitors) in the link below, along with  4x3 "TV" ratio and TWO mobile versions: One for phones and another for vertical tablets! One of them will fit your computer or mobile device, for sure. Here's the link:


MEOW! We have 2024 calendars!! There is a Zazzle version and a Lulu version. Help the kitties and have frame-able photo prints to enjoy them all year long. Thank you so much in advance!

How to use: this postThank you so for sharing and supporting these beautiful feral cats.  Because of you, good things happen.


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  1. happee november guyz….it iz good… iz grate…two haz friendz, and
    we considered ewe all…R friendz…bee happee N healthee N safe 🐟💙🍀😺

    1. Thank you! You are a good friend to the kitties. :)


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