Feb 1, 2024

February Cat of the Month Calendar Wallpaper - Two Winter-worn Feral Cats 2024


Oh yes, snow is gone for the moment, but try living outdoors full-time in the damp and the cold! And it isn't just feral cats. I think their tired faces speak for many of us, and that's why these two winter-tired feral cats are our Cats of the Month for February.

Click the link for all aspect ratios, desktop and mobile. The calendar wallpaper above is in the 16x10 ratio, like you find on Macbooks, iMacs and MS Surface tablets, plus many others, but I have the wider HD 16x9 format (used by many "FHD" laptops and monitors) in the link below, along with  4x3 "TV" ratio and TWO mobile versions: One for phones and another for vertical tablets! If you use your tablet in the horizontal or landscape mode, I'd recommend using the 16x10 (most ipads) or the 16x9 size -  One of them will be a perfect fit your computer or mobile device. Here's the link:

How to use: this postThank you so for sharing and supporting these beautiful feral cats.  Because of you, good things happen.

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  1. guyz...itz been crazee de entire palnit we thinkz....hope everee onez doin grate
    other wize.....de west coast can KNOT catch a brake can it ~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. We're counting the days till better weather. At least it's staying light a little later. 😊❤️


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